Net Optics

Net Optics is the leading provider of Total Application and Network Visibility solutions that deliver real-time network intelligence for peak performance in network monitoring and security.

The products allow customers to see 100% of their network traffic without introducing a point of failure. Breakthrough technology is central to their solutions and provides complete, permanent visibility into any network link without disturbing traffic in any way. Customers can monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their networks around the clock without affecting traffic or introducing a point of failure.

Customer First
Custom design, rapid turnaround, and compatibility with all major networking, management, and security products ensures a seamless solution for fast, reliable and secure network access. All Net Optics innovations are designed, manufactured, and tested in their facility. Each Net Optics product reflects the commitment to unsurpassed quality standards. In-house product design, manufacturing, and testing ensure precise quality control.

All product designs and packaging exemplify the philosophy for simple to use, play-and-play deployment.

Net Optics also ensures their customers’ success with industry-leading service and support.  All products shipped include ongoing technical support for compatibility, scalability, and ease of management. Net Optics “Customer First!” commitment extends to their uncompromising after-sale service and pledge to ensure customer satisfaction with each and every solution.  

Product Portfolio
Each family of product provides support for multiple topology and link types for organization wide plug and play deployment. The suite of integrated fiber and copper products consist of:

  • Network Taps
  • Aggregator Taps™
  • Regeneration Taps™
  • Bypass Switches
  • Media Converters
  • Director™
  • Phantom™ Virtual Tap
  • AppTap™

Contact Information

In Person:
Belgium: +32 2 370 39 11
Luxembourg: +352 26 10 31 91
Via Email: